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About Us

Willetton Uniforms is a Western Australian family owned and operated business located in the southern suburbs of Perth.
Our retail outlet ‘Totally Schoolwear’ carries a wide range of generic school clothing in addition to operating as the school uniform shop for a number of local schools (*). This offsite school uniform service offers the distinct advantage of 5 1/2 days trading per week and a comfortable setting in which uniforms can be tried at a time that suits our customers.
* Please note that uniforms for schools with on-site uniform shops are not also available from Willetton Uniforms retail outlet.

Willetton Uniforms supply a variety of uniforms and specialty apparel to schools, clubs and businesses on both a wholesale and retail basis right across the state, the country and even the sea, as far afield as Christmas Island. We offer screen printing, embroidery, sublimation and custom made garments enabling our customers to create their own unique uniforms and stand out from the crowd. With over 35 years experience in the clothing industry, we have built strong relationships with local, national and international manufacturers giving us a great range of options and flexibility in order to meet our customer’s individual needs.

Willetton Uniforms is pleased to announce it’s recent successful tender for the Department of Education’s Supply of School Uniforms and Specialty School Apparel contract (ETT2321/2013). As a contracted supplier, the Department of Education recognises Willetton Uniforms as a reputable supplier of quality school uniforms and a provider of a high level of service.